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Frequently asked questions

Sedation Course
Do I have to work in a practice that specialises in that particular area of dentistry?

No, you just need to have access to the treatments needed to be able to complete the course. The specifics are set out in the course prospectus.

How will I complete the course?
All of our post reg courses are completed online, along with the exams.
What support will I receive while I complete the course?
You will have regular webinars and 121’s with your tutor.
What payment plans are available?
The Dental School has 2 ways in which you can pay. We have a 0% interest payment plan and Payment in full.

Click on the ‘Pay Now’ button for the course you are interested in, to see all of the options.

Do I have to pay for the course?
This depends upon your employer. Sometimes, the learner’s employer is willing to pay for the course, whereas in other instances the learner will fund the course for themselves.
What qualification do I gain once I complete the course?
At the end of the course, you will receive the post registration certificate in the area you have studied. This is accredited by NEBDN and recognised by the GDC.
What format does the exam follow?
All exams are completed online.
I want to study the post registration qualification in sedation, but I only practice IV or Inhalation. How do I complete the course?"
When completing our Sedation qualification, you will be taught about both IV and Inhalation Sedation. We do this because the NEBDN exam will ask you questions on both types of sedation. If you only have access to one type of sedation and therefore only want to qualify in one area of sedation, you will only need to complete the Practical work on that particular area of sedation. IE, IV or Inhalation. This means that once you have completed your exam, you will be considered as part qualified.
What are the requirements to be able to study the course?
You must be a GDC Registrant.
When will I be expected to complete the coursework?
The coursework will be set on a monthly basis. All coursework must be completed 3 months prior to the exam.
How many CPD hours will I gain?
Studying for a new qualification, does not count towards your CPD.
Do I need to work full time to complete the course?
When can I enrol?
You can enrol at anytime. Our courses start in January, April, July and September.
Can I do more than 1 post reg course at a time?
You can study as many post registration courses at a time as you like. However, it is our recommendation that all learners study one post registration course at a time