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NEBDN Dental Nursing Radiography – Paid In Full

General Information

The Dental School was founded in 2019. It was formed with the intention of offering high quality, flexible learning solutions to those wishing to become a Dental Nurse and to existing Dental Nurses wishing to grow their skills.

The Dental School is an accredited provider for the NEBDN. It is always our aim to provide each one of our learners with the very best learning experience, delivered by the very best tutors in the industry and as a result we pride ourselves on the nurturing and collaborative learning experience that we create.

Course Details

Our course is delivered online through a mixture of pre-recorded webinars and downloadable materials prepared by experienced tutors. We have found that this blended learning approach enables our tutors to cater for all our learners equally.

1. Our course is delivered over a 6 – 9-month period
2. Our courses begin on 1st January, April, July and September.
3. An online platform is used to track progress and distribute work to learners
4. The course is designed to systematically deliver all elements of the NEBDN syllabus during the programme
5. You will have access to your tutor and administrator throughout the course
6. The live webinars are completed in the evening eliminating any impact to your working week

Record of Competence (RoC)

Throughout the duration of the course, learners will be required to create and submit Records of Competence (RoC) via the online platform. This enables course tutors to see the progress being made by you along with the quality of your learning.

This also enables the course tutor to provide feedback and guidance to ensure that you are achieving the very best outcomes to your learning.

Entry Requirements

As this is a post registration course, you are required to be a GDC registrant working in a dental practice that will provide you with enough expose to successfully complete the course. It is possible to utilise the facilities of a neighbouring practice, you just need to determine if you will be able to do that in reality.


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Personal Information

Next of Kin, in case of an emergency

Employer Details – Where Applicable

Mentor Details

Qualifications Achieved

Personal Statement

Procedure Payment Option

Pay in Full

One payment of £1,146

Terms and Conditions – Diploma and Post Registration Courses (Radiography, Sedation, Implant and Orthodontics)

1. Enrolment

Enrolment on to any of the NEBDN courses operated by The Dental School, is subject to receiving a fully completed Application form, a copy of your passport and receipt of the relevant initial payment as selected above.

2. Cancellations and refunds

There is a 14-day cooling off period, commencing once either, a) the deposit is paid or b) the completed application form is returned, whichever is sooner. If you choose not to proceed with the course in that 14-day period, 90% of fee paid will be refunded if one was paid.

Once outside of this 14-day period, the full balance of the course will be due in line with the payment plan that has been agreed. You are responsible for meeting your obligations in relation to your payment plan monthly, even if you have a) Left the course or b) deferred to a later course c) been removed from the course

3. Attendance

All learners must maintain an attendance level of 85% or above. Where a learner’s attendance falls below this level, The Dental School will:

3.1 Hold regular 121’s will be held to understand the cause of the poor attendance, with support plans being implemented

3.2 Should absence not improve after 2 interventions, the learner may be deferred to a later course. Any additional fees such as deferral fees or changes to examination dates will be payable by the learner.

3.3 Should there be no mitigating circumstances for this poor attendance the learner may be asked to leave the course. In such instances, the learner will not be entitled to a refund of any kind, nor will the learner be able to defer to another course. In instances where the course has been funded for the learner, the learner will remain responsible for repaying the balance to the fee payer. Where a balance remains outstanding, the learner is responsible for making payments in line with the agreed payment plan.

3.4 It will be the responsibility of the learner to educate themselves on any of the content that they have missed from that lesson.

4. Employment

4.1 It is a requirement of the Diploma course that you have a role as a Trainee Dental Nurse by month 3 of the course. While The Dental School will do everything in its power to support you to secure you a role, we cannot guarantee this as we do not make hiring decisions on behalf of dental practices. It is therefore essential that you actively apply for positions yourself to ensure you have the best opportunity of securing a role.

4.2 Failure to find a suitable role may result in your course being paused while your payment plan continues.

4.3 A full list of positions can be found on our website www.thedentalschool.org

4.4 The Dental School will support you to secure employment. Should you be dismissed from a role that The Dental School has introduced you (Learner) to, The Dental School will not be obliged to support you to find another role.

For any post registration course, you will need to work in a practice or have access to a practice where you can observe and participate with treatments relating to the course and have access to the equipment and resources to enable you to complete the course.

5. Length of Support

5.1 Our courses vary in length:

5.1.1 Diploma is delivered over a 12-month period

5.1.2 Post registration delivered over a 6-month period.

5.2 Where deadlines are missed and the learner exceeds their tuition time, they will be required to pay an additional fee

5.2.1 Diploma £650 plus VAT

5.2.2 Post Registration £300 plus VAT

5.3 Where a learner does not pass the exam the first time, reasonable additional support will be offered for a second attempt. After this, the learner will be required to pay for additional tuition inline with point 5.2.1 or 5.2.2

5.4 Should the learner decide that they would like to change the date of their exam, they will be responsible to pay the NEBDN deferral fee. They also understand that tuition will be paused, but their payment plan will continue, and the balance of their tuition time will resume again prior to the next exam date. This applies to all courses

6. Missed deadline Policy

6.1 If you fail either exam, or

6.2 Fail to meet the deadline for ROE (Post Registration Only) submission to complete the exam that was originally booked the course for or,

6.3 Fail to hand in paperwork that would enable you to complete the course on time, you will be responsible for any fees due by NEBDN and you will be responsible to pay additional tuition fees as per point 5.2.1 or 5.2.2

7. Examination Fee

7.1 Diploma – The exam fee for the Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing is £510.00*. Deferrals and resit fees are the responsibility of the learner or fee payer and are not included in the price of the course. *NEBDN amend their exam fees on an annual basis. For the latest prices, please visit the NEBDN website 7.2

Sedation, Radiography Implants and Orthodontics – The exam fee is £195.00*. and is included in the course fee. Deferrals and resit fees are the responsibility of the learner or fee payer and are not included in the price of the course. *NEBDN amend their exam fees on an annual basis. For the latest prices, please visit the NEBDN website

7.3 Applications for learners to sit their exams will be made providing the following points have been satisfied:

7.3.1 Tuition fees are paid in full

7.3.2 The learners Record of Competence or Record of Experience document has been complete.

7.3.3 You hold a valid current CPR or Basic Life Support certificate – Post Registration courses only.

The requirements listed above are subject to deadlines set by The Dental School LTD

8. Deferring a Course

In some cases, The Dental School may allow a learner to defer their original booking to the next available course. This opportunity is assessed on a case-by-case basis, must be confirmed before the start date of the original booking and is subject to availability. We are unable to move a learner once their course has started.

If a learner has deferred to a later course, fees will remain due in line with their original payment plan and will not be deferred. We are unable to pause any payment plan.

9. Deferring an Exam

Should a learner choose to defer their original exam, they will be required to pay the fees due by NEBDN. NEBDN amend these fees on an annual basis and a full list of fees can be found on the NEBDN website.

Learners will not have access to tutor support between the original exam date and the new exam date, however Learners will still be able to access pre-recorded material and revision sessions.

10. The Qualification

To successfully qualify as a Dental Nurse or qualify with post registration certificates, you must adhere to the following points:

10.1 Learners recognise that failure to complete any part of the process will result in not successfully becoming qualified as a dental nurse.

10.2 Find a work placement ideally within the recommended time to complete the entire record of experience document in time for our deadlines.

10.3 Complete all required practical and written assignments from The Record of Experience or Record of Competence and have these signed off by the GDC registered witness/dentist.

10.4 Complete work in line with deadlines set.

10.5 Successfully pass both the theoretical and practical exams – Diploma.

11. Payment Plans

The Dental School offer several payment options for learners. We also offer a corporate rate for practices that are funding the course.


1. Interest Free: Initial Fee £612, 12 Instalments of £152.50
2. Pay in Full: £2,442 including VAT
3. Zero Deposit: 6 Instalments of £407
4. £100 Deposit: £100 deposit, 9 Instalments of £260.22

Post Registration
1. Interest Free: Initial Fee £246, 6 Instalments £150.00
2. Pay in Full £1,446 including VAT

Where payments are collected by Direct Debit it will be via GoCardless only. We collect payments on the 1st, 15th or 30th of each month. We do not accept Bank Transfers or Standing Orders.

Should a direct debit payment fail, we will attempt to collect the payment again 7 days later. Should this payment fail, an admin fee of £25.00 will be due.

The course fees are due in full even if you decide to withdraw from the course or defer.

Your payment plan forms part of these Terms and Conditions

12. Debt Recovery

12.1 Where the fee payer opts to pay over a payment plan The Dental School LTD will automatically request the payment to be collected 7 days later. Should bank charges be incurred, these will be the responsibility of the learner

12.2 Where payment is not collected on the second attempt, the learner’s course will be paused. During this time the learner is not eligible to work in a practice as a Trainee Dental Nurse as they will not be considered as registered on to a course until the matter is resolved.

12.3 Where the learner’s payment remains overdue for 21 days from its due date, and without contact or reasonable explanation, the learners payment plan will be invalidated, and the full course fee will be due with immediate effect.

12.4 Until the full course fee has been received, the learner’s course will be suspended.

12.5 Where the learner fails to make payment after the 21st day, the matter will be referred to Debt Collection agents. Additional fees may become due because of this. Below is a list of instances that may warrant this course of action. Please note that The Dental School may refer a matter to Debt Collection agents even though the case is not listed below:

12.5.1 Where the learner does not settle their balance as instructed by The Dental School LTD

12.5.2 Where the learners Direct Debit is cancelled prior to completion of their payment plan

13. Refunds

13.1 Enrolment is counted from the day the signed and dated application is received or the date that the initial fee is paid. Therefore, the refund period also starts from that date.

13.2 The only time that The Dental School agrees to a refund of the course fee, is if the course is cancelled by The Dental School and an alternative cohort is not available.

13.3 The Dental School operate a 14-day cooling off period should a Learner enrol and decide not to continue with the course. In these instances, a refund will be issued (Where a deposit was paid), amounting to 90% of the deposit paid. After the 14-day cooling off period has expired, the full course fee will be due.

14. Pregnancy Where a learner falls pregnant, they will be entitled to the following options:

14.1 If the Learner has not yet begun their course, they will be entitled to a 90% refund of any fees paid. 14.2 Once the learner has begun their course, they will have 2 options:

14.2.1 Defer the course until after their pregnancy, or

14.2.2 Continue with their course as planned.

In either 14.2.1 or 14.2.2, the full course fee will be due in line with the original payment plan and will not be paused or deferred.

Learners wishing to take advantage of these options will be required to show proof of pregnancy – MatB1 certificate.

15. Learner Identification

All learners are required to produce a copy of their passport when requested to do so by The Dental School LTD.

16. Residency, Right to Live, work and study in the UK

The Dental School courses are only available to those that have the legal status to Live, work and study in the United Kingdom. Should a learner enrol on to a course and not hold this right, a full refund will be issued, and enrolment will be cancelled with immediate effect.

17. Equal Opportunities

You will meet a variety of other students from different backgrounds and different levels of ability. We are committed to ensuring that everybody is treated equally and fairly, regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin, background, or disability. In line with our policy, you must treat everybody with whom you meet, with respect.

Should it be discovered that you have not followed the details set out in our Equal Opportunities Policy, you may be removed from the course. In such cases you will remain liable for the full course fees.

In the unlikely event that you find yourself a victim of mistreatment, you should notify a member of The Dental School immediately – info@thedentalschool.org

18. Misconduct

Good discipline is essential to the smooth running of the course. If it is believed that your behaviour or conduct falls below the strict standards that we expect, the Disciplinary policy will be followed. You should be aware that in the most serious of cases, you may be removed from the course without the right to a refund. Where a balance is outstanding, you will be required to settle it in full, or in line with your existing payment plan.

19. Grievances

In the event that you have any grievance relating to the training then please follow the steps under the complaints policy.

These terms are governed by the law of England and Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

20. Photography / Filming

All courses operated by The Dental School are conducted using a mixture of resources. One of the resources we use is Zoom, which is used to deliver live learning sessions and Learner / Tutor 121s. Live learning sessions and 121’s are recorded and stored securely. Material from learning sessions and 121’s may be used as marketing material for The Dental School or may form part of the learning materials that is produced and used for The Dental School use.

The Dental School LTD reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.


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