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How To Welcome A New Employee and Make Actually Them Feel Welcome – Part Two

June 27, 2022

Continuing on from last weeks tips for welcoming a new employee. Read part one here: http://thedentalschool.org/how-to-welcome-a-new-employee-and-make-actually-them-feel-welcome-part-one/

  • Show them ‘their space’. Unless you are working from home, or in an office that promotes hot desking, it’s likely that an employer will be given their own office space. Make sure that this is stocked before they arrive with the equipment they will need to competently complete their work. Or if working for example in the construction industry, have they been given the correct tools? Once arriving at their designated space, for a computer based job, leave them for a little while to set up their computer, emails and spend some time reading any paperwork or material provided.
  • It’s important to set tasks for your employee for their first day, but not overwhelm them. It could be something as simple as writing a small email to introduce themselves to the rest of the company. These tasks on their first day allow the employee to start taking control for their own work. Bigger and more complicated tasks should not be introduced on the first day.
  • If your company has a uniform, merchandise, company branded products then make sure you provide the new employee with something. Although it may not seem like much, it will be greatly appreciated to feel welcomed and will brighten their day. Who doesn’t love a gift?
  • Don’t forget about them. They will still be a new team member for a while, as it sometimes takes some time to settle in; so make sure you keep checking in with them to see if there is anything you can do to offer support.

Whatever you do, show them that you and the company as a whole care about their employees. Make it clear that your ‘door is always open’ and that you are approachable. A motivated and happy team are sure to complete better work and drive the company forward.

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