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How To Welcome A New Employee and Make Actually Them Feel Welcome – Part One

June 20, 2022

We’ve all started a new job, and had the nervous and excited moment of anticipation of starting on your first day. You always will remember whether or not the company went out of their way to make you feel welcome and included in the existing team. So here are some ideas for you to ensure your new team member feels welcome.

  • Contacting them the working day before they begin in your company mentioning that you’re looking forward to them starting with you and any vital information they need(e.g. Do they need to bring documents for a DBS check?, wear something specific?, or use a particular entrance to the building?). This should also include a rough lay out of their first day/week so they know what to expect. This will help them feel at ease from the start.
  • Ensure all paperwork is sent out and signed before their start date. Contract, etc. Therefore eliminating any confusion about hours, salary, holiday, company benefits, bonuses ahead of time.
  • On their first day, show them that you have been expecting them and are excited to have them onboard. It’s important to make a good first impression, so be there prior to their arrival and meet them as soon as they arrive. If this is working from home, then set up a video call first thing in the morning and be on the call 5 minutes before it’s due to start so they are not waiting around for you.
  • Meet the team. Ensure they are introduced to each team member and are made aware not only of each team member’s name, but also what they do for the company, and how they will work together moving forward. It’s important that employers know who to go to for questions about specific topics. Same goes for employees working from home, set up a team meeting for their first day so they can meet everyone and feel that they are part of the team early on. I understand in larger companies, that it’s important to introduce the new employee to their relevant department rather than the entire company.
  • Tour of the office(If applicable). Ensure they are given a full tour, including where most staff members go for their lunches, and nearby places they could also go to. If you can have a staff member take the new employee out for lunch, it will put them at ease, and also feel appreciated. Are there any shared amenities in the office? Does the company offer a shared stationery cupboard or biscuit selection? It’s important to show this so they know what they are able to access from day one.

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